IOAA Announces launch of Agave Quality Initiative (AQA)

FREEPORT, ME/March 6, 2013

The IOAA announces the successful launch of the Agave Quality Assurance (AQA) Initiative. The Initiative is a culmination of a scientific study, industry participation and subsequent scientific analysis. Click on the Agave Quality Assurance tab on the main menu for more information.

IOAA, with sponsorship from industry leaders, funded the scientific study to establish methodologies for validating Agave Syrup authenticity. These methodologies, which can be found in the IOAA’s Agave Quality Assurance – Summary of Analytical Tools for Testing, combine qualitative and quantitative metrics (sugar composition analysis and oligosaccharide profiling). The results provide the means to determine authenticity as defined in the NOM (Norma Oficial Mexicana) standards. Agave syrup meeting NOM standards is by definition authentic.

Taking action to implement the use of this methodology, the AQA Initiative performed a market assessment. The Initiative purchased consumer packs of agave syrup from a wide variety of retail outlets and submitted them for testing. Sample profiling results confirm the usefulness of the approach, yielding many authentic samples. While some samples did not meet the standards for authenticity, IOAA has contacted these companies to facilitate and address quality issues.

The IOAA encourages all companies in the agave syrup supply chain to use these testing methods. This enhances compliance to the legal NOM standards and to product authenticity, which is a further step to bolster consumer confidence and increase the marketability of this viable alternative sweetener.


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