How It Works

The IOAA Agave Quality Assurance (AQA) Initiative is a voluntary program utilizing product sample profiling against NOM (Norma Oficial Mexicana) standards, providing the means to assure product authenticity. Download a PDF version of this document here.

The Processor Product Profile

IOAA encourages each processor to create a Processor Product Profile (preferably with Eurofins, Des Moines, IA USA). Implicit in this product profile are four tested product samples (from each quarter of the year) for sugar and oligosaccharide profiles. As a result of the analysis, a processor establishes a product profile that includes actual and average sugar content and verifies authenticity.

IOAA encourages companies receiving product to have the Processor Product Profiles for the processors they receive shipments from for internal quality control.

Receiving Company’s Internal Quality Control

For each shipment, most companies receive a Certificate of Analysis (COA) from the processor’s internal lab. To validate the product received, IOAA encourages buyers to create and implement a random sample schedule for product to be sent to an impartial third-party lab, such as Eurofins USA.  The results should demonstrate the product meets the processor’s COA, fits within Processor Product Profile, is authentic and therefore meets NOM standards.

To assure privacy and lowest cost, such testing can be coordinated directly with Eurofins USA. At the company’s discretion, the IOAA welcomes the opportunity to add test results to its database. To engage in product testing, contact Jasmina Kovacevic at Eurofins USA Service Support ( As needed, Eurofins Lars Reimann, Chief Scientific Officer can be contacted for additional support.

Market Assessment

The IOAA offers an impartial program, known as the Market Assessment, to purchase at retail a variety of consumer packs that are tested for label compliance and authenticity. This program is funded by the pooled resources of sponsors.

Market Assessment provides an effective, low cost way to establish fair and unbiased quality assurance throughout the supply chain. The goal of the Market Assessment program is to minimize the probability of non-complying product appearing on shelves and to mitigate potential negative press or government related actions that could negatively affect successful merchandising of Agave Syrup.

IOAA Programs & Sponsorship

Using the IOAA quality control approach and testing methods outlined does not require IOAA sponsorship.

IOAA sponsors that do participate in the AQA Initiative will be listed and recognized on the three IOAA websites with link to the sponsor’s website. This provides a simple, clear message to the trade, press, regulatory bodies and consumers that the sponsor is committed to quality assurance.

The annual IOAA Corporate Sponsorship fee is $1,225, providing visibility and recognition for industry leadership in assuring authenticity of agave syrup. Further information about other IOAA initiatives and sponsorship benefits is available upon request.


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